The SJTU Med-X Research Institute is China's first engineering research center dedicated to innovative research and clinical transformation in the field of "digital medicine". Its objective is to provide a platform for the development and integration of digital medicine into clinical practice.

In Chinese culture, the gate is a highly symbolic element in the design of building complexes. Within this context, the school gate holds significant importance as it serves as a prelude to entering the campus, setting the tone for the overall environment.

Kindergarten marks the beginning of a child's educational journey. At this stage, children learn primarily through play and by taking in their surroundings. The design therefore aims to create a space that encourages active exploration, discovery, communication, and play through an integrated layout featuring a flexible blend of play and learning areas.

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the field of education, causing a rapid shift towards online learning. This shift has forced us to reevaluate the future of educational spaces and question whether physical campuses can offer unique benefits that cannot be replicated through virtual means.

Nantong City has a rich history rooted in its renowned textile industry, a reputation that remains strong to this day. In keeping with this cultural heritage, the design of the building incorporates the weaving patterns of cloth as a central theme.

Since its implementation in 1956, Taipei's urban plan has led to the growth of a low-rise, high-density mixed residential form through the rearrangement of street blocks and the construction of new buildings.

The campus renovation presents both an opportunity for change and a process of evolution. It represents the refinement of ideas and the preservation of tradition. However, it also presents a multitude of limitations.

Between the ages of 2 and 3, children start developing self-awareness and rapidly advancing their language and motor skills. They become more aware of the world around them and are curious to explore and touch everything they can.

The buildings of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School were constructed in the 1990s, and after 30 years, the architecture has become dated and the exterior cluttered due to the placement of air conditioning units and rainwater pipes.

A good dining environment not only promotes healthy eating but also enables individuals to relax and disconnect from their busy work and studies.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten is committed to creating an internationalized educational environment that embodies the principle of "Making the world a better place because of us".

Kindergarten is a place for children to grow and learn, and for them, everything is new and unknown. The environment itself is a medium for them to understand the world.

Fangxin Kindergarten is located on Wuyuan Road in Xuhui District and is a French-language kindergarten. The school building itself is a French-style building that remains from the French Concession period.

A good campus environment can have a subtle yet profound effect on students, enabling them to achieve the purpose of education.

During middle school, children undergo a critical phase of intellectual and personal development. Education involves not only the imparting of knowledge

Shanghai Baoshan World Foreign Language School is an international school that blends Eastern and Western educational models.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Primary School implements the IB PYP international education concept and integrates Chinese and Western cultures to foster personalized development in students

Childhood is filled with anticipation for the ten minutes after class when kids can run and jump, play games with peers, and weave dreams with handkerchiefs.

The foyer of the building serves as the main entrance and exit, and a transportation hub for the flow of people transitioning between inside and outside.

When embarking on the design of the Tainan Municipal Library, our team's initial focus was on exploring the essence and purpose of a library in today's information-rich world.

The site is located at the intersection of the blue (canal) and green (HaiAn Street) systems and serves as a key connector

This project is situated in Huoshan County, along the renowned foothills of the Dabie Mountains, which is a picturesque location known for its excellent water quality and abundant production of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, particularly shihu.

Acting courses are a crucial component of primary and secondary school education. The on-campus theater, which serves as a venue for student performances, should be an engaging and stimulating space that allows students to express themselves.

Throughout history, humans have sought a sense of support and connection with the surrounding space to feel secure. In traditional landscape paintings, people often leaned against tree trunks to read books

The library plays a crucial role in fostering students' independent learning and love for reading. In our design, we aimed to break away from the traditional rigid layout and serious atmosphere, and instead create a learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of individual students and offers limitless possibilities for growth and exploration.

For middle school students eager to expand their knowledge, reading serves as a means of connecting with the world. The wealth of information contained in books unlocks the windows to children's hearts, stimulating their boundless curiosity about the world and inspiring them to pursue the unknown.

In today's world, where information is readily available everywhere, the library's role has transcended that of a traditional book repository. With our design proposal, we aim to redefine the library space as a social hub for information sharing and community engagement.

Located in Kunshan, a suburban city of Shanghai known for its advanced manufacturing industry,, the project caters to young, small families seeking homes of 90 square meters or less.

The primary aim of this design is to develop a modular system that is cost-effective and simple to construct, enabling it to be replicated on a large scale. The fundamental living unit measures 18'-8" square and can satisfy the basic living requirements of an individual.

The project is situated in the scenic Huoshan County, located at the northern base of Dabie Mountain in Anhui Province, known for its stunning natural surroundings.

Our competition proposal for a rental public housing in Taoyuan reflects a spirit of reflection on the living phenomenon, going beyond a mere container for living functions. As a public housing project led by the public sector, we strive to create an ideal community living environment that represents a harmonious society, providing people with a safe and nurturing shelter for their hearts.

Located in the idyllic town of Lianmin Village, adjacent to Disneyland, Suyu B&B is immersed in the stunning beauty of the fertile mulberry and bamboo fields and local housing. Rather than being just a collection of scattered hotels, Suyu B&B encompasses the entire village, with each house possessing its unique soul, characterized by distinctive cultural themes.

Tinghai B&B is situated in a tranquil village near Disneyland, and its primary clientele are travelers coming from distant places to visit the theme park. To allow visitors to experience a more profound Shanghai culture, the homestay's overall design takes inspiration from the "Shanghai style of the Republic of China".

Mountainside Hot Spring Hotel occupies a prime location on the southwest side of Dousha River  hot spring town, where the natural hot springs first emerge. As such, the hotel holds great sentimental value as the perfect spot to open a hot spring resort.

Nestled on the shores of Taiji Lake in the Wudang Mountains, the hotel is situated on a stunning peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. Its unique resort environment is a fusion of rich forest resources and an expansive lake landscape.

In the morning, as the warm sun rises over Doshahe Hot Spring Town, guests can witness the serene and picturesque sight of steam rising from the hot spring pools at Autumn Moon Hot Spring Hotel.

Tao Image is medical technology company dedicated to the development and research of digital medicine, with a focus on providing more accurate health information and medical solutions for patients with musculoskeletal diseases through their cutting-edge three-dimensional scanning technology.

WK Innovation is located in Neihu Science and Technology Park, and specializes in the high-tech industry as a venture company. The design of its office space aims to reflect the company's precise and concise work culture, which is focused on investment.

The design of Tao Image R&D office aims to highlight the company's focus on digital medicine and provide advanced diagnostic tools and medical solutions for patients with musculoskeletal diseases through 3D scanning.

World Foreign Language Education Service Group, a subsidiary of JuneYao Group, required the new headquarters office to be creative and dynamic, while maintaining a warm and lively atmosphere for educators. In order to meet this requirement, the design uses warm wood materials and black frame aluminum alloy glass partitions to create a transparent and natural atmosphere in the space.

Due to the diverse functional requirements of the project, including meetings, offices, leisure, catering, and accommodation, this design concept utilizes floating boxes. These space boxes are not limited by shape or structure and can accommodate various functions based on a logical streamline within a basic framework.

The base is situated in Taipei's most esteemed district, adjacent to the iconic Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Taipei Railway Station. As part of an urban renewal initiative within the city's high-density downtown area, the design conditions and regulations were intricate and challenging, especially regarding building height constraints.

Tao Image is a start-up utilizing digital medicine to aid in diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions, while leveraging digital tools to offer more precise medical solutions. The founding team comprises of scientific and technological experts who have conducted in-depth research in the field, with many members hailing from the prestigious Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA.

The ocean world is deep and fantastic, which makes children full of curiosity and yearning. Nanjing, a city 300 kilometers away from the sea, where we have fulfilled a dream of the sea for our children

SENSOPED Foot Health Orthopedic Center is an organization which focuses on improving foot health by new means of technology. Through three-dimensional scanning and digital engraving technology, SENSOPED provides customized insoles to improve the balance of human body whilst shaping healthier postures, especially for teenagers.

The goal of the medical space design is to challenge the traditional clinical environment and instead create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere that encourages trust and rapport between patients and healthcare providers.

UpperRoom Coffee is a welcoming community coffee shop that seeks to provide a friendly and comforting atmosphere for people to share their stories and connect with others. The shop aims to create a space where customers can order a cup of coffee and find solace in the mellow brew while sharing their experiences and healing their souls.

The site is situated at the entrance of the Peacock River Leisure Tourism Scenic Belt in the old town of Korla City, Xinjiang. The park is bounded by the Peacock River to the south, Lion Bridge to the north, and a residential area across Hotel Alley to the west.

Relying on the abundant natural hot spring source from the Dousha River in the Dabie Mountains and its picturesque natural environment, the Dousha River Hot Spring Town is a multifunctional resort town, offering a diverse range of activities including vacationing, leisure, shopping, healthcare, and entertainment, all with a focus on hot springs.

The project aims to develop a Song Dynasty-style building complex around Yang Shi, a prominent local celebrity in Jiangle County, by deeply excavating the cultural landscape. The project will include tourism facilities such as cultural exhibition halls, commercial streets, and hotels.

The design and planning of the Qinghai National Music Culture City centers around the memorial hall of the esteemed musician Mr. Wang Luobin, and his iconic song "Hua'er" serves as the main axis. Moving forward

Guangde County, located in the southeast of Anhui Province within the city of Xuancheng, boasts a history of more than 2,000 years since its establishment during the Western Han Dynasty. With a deep cultural heritage, the county is home to the Jishan Mountain base, situated in the southern mountainous region of Guangde, offering a superior ecological environment.

The predominant architectural style of the tourist commercial district is Chinese modern, which utilizes modest materials and pared-down forms to express both the traditional elegance of classical architecture and the minimalism of contemporary design.