Reconstruction of NBWFLS Campus Core

In Chinese culture, the gate is a highly symbolic element in the design of building complexes. Within this context, the school gate holds significant importance as it serves as a prelude to entering the campus, setting the tone for the overall environment. In line with the school’s concept of “Brighten Every Soul,” the design approach utilized the technique of “light” as the primary physical sculptural element, resulting in a campus center with a strong sense of place. Through this design, students are subtly influenced by the campus spirit, creating an optimal environment for their studies.

Window to Exhibit Campus Culture

The entrance space that faces the city plays a crucial role in communicating the educational ideals of the school. Through thoughtful design, the school’s spirit and educational vision can be effectively conveyed and reinforced to the surrounding neighborhood.

Designing an effective entrance space can help to enhance the sense of order and ceremony for both teachers and students as they enter the school building complex. Additionally, this space can provide psychological cues to students, helping to prepare them for the start of their daily studies. Serving as the prelude to the school space sequence, the dynamic campus entrance landscape design has the potential to invigorate students, infusing them with a sense of energetic vitality as they enter the campus.

Landscape to Enrich Campus Life

The inner square located in front of the school gate serves as a central hub for student interaction and information exchange, as it is a space that students must pass through every day. The design of the wooden platform and seats provides an ideal gathering spot for students to engage with one another, fostering a sense of campus identity and shared spirit. This space represents a fertile ground for the development and strengthening of the school’s community culture.

The planting design incorporates a mix of evergreen trees, seasonal flowers, and other plants, creating an environment where the singing of birds and the blooming of flowers can be enjoyed throughout the year, allowing children to grow in harmony with nature. During their free time, students can often be found gathered at the entrance square, sharing stories and anecdotes about their daily lives. This space has become more than just an entrance square; it has evolved into a generator of beautiful campus life, fostering a deeper sense of community among students.

Visual Design to Respond Locality

Ningbo, a seaport city with a long history, derives its name from “Haiding Zebo Ning”. In an effort to promote the local cultural spirit of Ningbo, the design of the school gate incorporates a wave-like visual effect. At night, the addition of indirect light strip auxiliary lighting not only enhances the visibility of the school gate, but also adds a stunning luminance to the “spray” of the “wave,” resulting in a shining and eye-catching effect.

Lighting Design to Echo School Manifesto

The design of the campus entrance is centered around the concept of “walking with light,” with lighting playing a key role in creating a welcoming and vibrant environment. Direct and indirect lighting at different levels illuminates the walls, ground, green spaces, and plants, imbuing the campus with a radiant glow. Like a lighthouse, the entrance shines in the morning and evening, guiding students towards their pursuit of knowledge and providing a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Location: Ninbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

Area: 1,400㎡

Status: Construction Complete

Design Finish Year: 2021

Completion Year: 2021