Cloud Cube Housing Complex

Located in Kunshan, a suburban city of Shanghai known for its advanced manufacturing industry,, the project caters to young,

Suyu Homestay Restaurant

The fast-paced urban life often leaves individuals feeling overwhelmed, prompting a desire for the slow-paced existence associated with rural living.

Suyu Café’

The countryside’s charm lies in its simple and unassuming nature.

Autumn Moon Hot Spring Hotel

In the morning, as the warm sun rises over Doshahe Hot Spring Town,

SUYU Farmhouse Renovation

Located in the idyllic town of Lianmin Village, adjacent to Disneyland, Suyu B&B is immersed in the stunning beauty of the fertile mulberry and bamboo fields and local housing.

Reconstruction of NBWFLS Campus Core

In Chinese culture, the gate is a highly symbolic element in the design of building complexes.

Starlight Theater

Acting courses are a crucial component of primary and secondary school education.

BWFLS Bubble Library

The library plays a crucial role in fostering students’ independent learning and love for reading. In our design,

WFLS East Campus School Renovation

The campus renovation presents both an opportunity for change and a process of evolution.

Shengyang Wonder Kindergarten

Kindergarten marks the beginning of a child’s educational journey. At this stage, children learn primarily through play and by taking in their surroundings.

Q-WFLK Nursery Division

Between the ages of 2 and 3, children start developing self-awareness and rapidly advancing their language and motor skills.

SENSOPED Foot Health Orthopedic Center

SENSOPED Foot Health Orthopedic Center is an organization which focuses on improving foot health by new means of technology.

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