Weixin Urology  Clinic

New Medical Space Experience

The goal of the medical space design is to challenge the traditional clinical environment and instead create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere that encourages trust and rapport between patients and healthcare providers.

Design Objectives

The design objective of this project was to transform the Weixin Clinic in Taichung City into a modern professional clinic with cozy atmosphere. To achieve this, the space was visually enlarged by using predominantly white colors, while the addition of light wood accents created a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Clinic Image

The original color scheme of the Weixin Clinic featured black as the primary color, combined with orange accents, to establish a bold and modern image. For the new design, we sought to maintain the bold and edgy impression by continuing to incorporate black into the color palette. However, we also wanted to create a modern and contrasting feel by using white walls as a base color. To enhance the overall texture, we incorporated simple metal lines into the design, resulting in a professional and calm appearance.

Waiting Space

The clinic lobby serves as a multi-functional space for registration, waiting, and medicine collection. At the center of the hall, a square waiting sofa serves as the visual centerpiece. The combination of beige, white, and wood materials creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The medical display on the background wall and the stainless steel image logo add a touch of modernity to the space.

To address the 45cm difference in floor height between the front and back of the original building, the consultation rooms were designed with varying elevations. In the second consultation room, mirrors were used to decorate the waiting area, creating a visually extended space and reducing the sense of pressure.

The waiting area terminates at the intersection of the nurse station, operating room, and circulation lines on the second floor, and the ceiling’s curved design and luminous light strip enhance the spatial guidance for visitors.

Clinic Space

To create a comfortable space layout for the diagnosis and treatment space, we opted for a simple and clear arrangement along the streamline, which includes diagnosis and treatment rooms, operating rooms, and observation rooms.

VIP Waiting Area

The second-floor VIP waiting area is enhanced with a VIP reception area for an exclusive experience. While maintaining the same design techniques as the first floor, the use of wood-like finishes in details adds a warm and relaxed atmosphere, providing a comfortable and inviting space for VIP patients.

Staff Space

The staff spaces, including conference rooms, staff lounges, and offices, are designed with a home-like concept to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, similar to that of one’s own home.

Location: Taichung City, Taiwan Province

Area: 300 ㎡

Status: Construction Complete

Design Finish Year: 2020

Completion Year: 2020