Nantong Port Authority Office Complex

Due to the diverse functional requirements of the project, including meetings, offices, leisure, catering, and accommodation, this design concept utilizes floating boxes. These space boxes are not limited by shape or structure and can accommodate various functions based on a logical streamline within a basic framework. The scattered arrangement of these boxes creates an intriguing semi-outdoor space that extends the indoor activities.

The facade’s vocabulary of opening windows echoes the square box concept, with a captivating composition of large and small square-shaped windows. Additionally, the use of orange and gray gradient terracotta tiles adds visual interest to the facade.

The L-shaped building configuration encircling the entrance waterscape not only bestows a scenic landscape to the building, but also engenders a distinctive entrance experience.

Location: Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Area: 5,000 ㎡

Status: Schematic Design

Design Finish Year: 2014