Qinghai National Culture and Music City

The design and planning of the Qinghai National Music Culture City centers around the memorial hall of the esteemed musician Mr. Wang Luobin, and his iconic song “Hua’er” serves as the main axis. Moving forward, the four theaters will serve as the primary venues for showcasing the distinctive local performances that Qinghai has to offer.

Amidst the vast expanse of blue sky and earth, the circular and pristine form of the Huaer Theater Group stands out like a beautiful flower in a lush green field. Its intricate petal-like design, with a hollowed-out exterior, adds an element of variation and detail to the facade, making it all the more striking.

Apart from the theater, the Qinghai National Music Culture City features a variety of supporting facilities, including a luxurious five-star hotel, a music dream factory, an art-themed commercial street, and art workshops. Together, these amenities create a comprehensive tourist resort park, offering visitors a complete and fulfilling experience.

Location: Haibei, Qinghai

Area: 60,000㎡

Status: Construction Complete

Design Finish Year: 2012