chicago tiny house design competition

The primary aim of this design is to develop a modular system that is cost-effective and simple to construct, enabling it to be replicated on a large scale. The fundamental living unit measures 18′-8″ square and can satisfy the basic living requirements of an individual. In addition, there are various units available on the roof and the facade. By combining these different units, the facade creates dynamic alterations and enlivens the surrounding community.

The U-shaped residential units enclose a public space and landscaped atrium at the center, which are constructed using the same modular system as the residential units, forming a complete and flexible system that can be combined in different bases.

For the structural design of the units, a steel frame system was adopted, with the roof made of a combination of galvanized steel plates and lightweight concrete slabs. The exterior walls were constructed using wood-plastic composite wall panels, which not only offer an economic advantage but also bring a warm and textured appearance to the facade.

Location: Chicago, USA

Area: 630 ㎡

Status: Competition

Design Year: 2015