WK Innovation Headquarters Office

WK Innovation is located in Neihu Science and Technology Park, and specializes in the high-tech industry as a venture company. The design of its office space aims to reflect the company’s precise and concise work culture, which is focused on investment. The main materials used include black metal walls, glass, and white interior walls, while the stone floor and carpet contribute to a warm and inviting working atmosphere.

In order to accommodate the company’s frequent external meetings, the owner requested a spacious conference room with comprehensive functionalities. Consistent with the overall concise design aesthetic, the conference room features a color scheme of black, white, and warm gray. The primary black wall is highlighted with vertical light strips, which create a space that is understated yet detailed.

Location: Pudong District, Shanghai, China

Area: 320㎡

Status: Construction Complete

Design Finish Year: 2016

Completion Year: 2016