Cloud Cube Housing Complex

Located in Kunshan, a suburban city of Shanghai known for its advanced manufacturing industry,, the project caters to young,

Nantong International School

Nantong has been famous for its textile manufacturing industry since ancient times, and this rich cultural heritage continues to influence the city to this day.

WFLS East Campus School Renovation

The Shanghai World Foreign Language School buildings was constructed in the 1990s. However, after 30 years, the buildings have become increasingly outdated,

Dabie Mountain Hotspring Town Chinese Medicine Hall

Huoshan County, situated at the base of the renowned Dabie Mountains, is the picturesque hinterland of Anhui Province.

Starlight Theater

By taking music melody as the guiding concept, our aim is to capture the dynamic essence of a performance venue through the melodious rhythm of music.

Haichang Fish Home Aquarium

The ocean world is a wondrous and mysterious place, captivating children's imaginations and filling them with curiosity and wonder.

SUYU Farmhouse Renovation

Nestled beside Disneyland, Lianmin Village is an enchanting hamlet replete with verdant fields of mulberry and bamboo and charming traditional houses.

Taipei Kingston International Primary School

Taipei Kingston International School is located in the heart of Taipei City, with the vibrant Xinyi District situated adjacent to it.

Q-WFLK Nursery Division

A kindergarten is a place where children grow and learn, and for young children, everything is new and unfamiliar.

Sensoped Foot Health Orthopedic Center

SENSOPED Foot Health Orthopedic Center is an organization which focuses on improving foot health by new means of technology.

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